November 15, 2018

(FT5) Anniversary yr product launch is in January in New York Metropolis and at Mount Olymp!

The current E-M1II vs the Canon 1DX (via CameraSize).Sources told us Olympus is organizing two big events to celebarte the new E-M1X launch in January. There will be an event in New York City and one on the Mount Olympus in Greece!
November 14, 2018

Olympus and Manfrotto created this new bag

Olympus and Manfrotto collaborated to create this new “Olympus Explorer Bag“. Here is the full press text:
November 13, 2018

(FT3) Extra information concerning the E-M1X. And can Olympus launch two extra MFT cameras in 2019?

Long rumor source “Simon” shared some additional info on the E-M1X and two more MFT cameras:
November 12, 2018

(FT4) First rumored E-M1X specs: 20Mp sensor, 18fps, 7.5+ EV

Size comparison: E-M1II with grip vs future E-M1X and the Canon 1DX (Thanks Robert). We got first specs from a good source. Still not FT5 ranked as it has to be confirmed by other sources too:
November 11, 2018

Weekly 43rumors readers photos roundup…

Ruben Hoes‎ #microfourthirdsgallery G80 14-140 21mm f4.6 1sec iso100 polaroid nd91) To submit your picture for the weekly readers roundup post you can choose one of the following two options: – Instagram: Follow @microfourthirdsgallery and tag us on your picture to give us the permission to repost your image on the instagram gallery and on 43rumors (we will credit you) – Facebook: Submit your picture on our group: facebook.com/groups/microft. Please add the hashtag “#microfourthirdsgallery ” to grant the permission for reposting on 43rumors. Without the hashtag we will not add your picture!
November 10, 2018

Free extras and reward factors with the E-M1II package bought by GetOlympus

You get free bag è SD card + 2x reward points and bonus on bundles with the E-M1II sold by GetOlympus.
November 9, 2018

Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II in Inventory at BHphoto

The new Panasonic LX100II is in Stock at Bhphoto.More deals: Olympus US rebates: You can find them all on those special pages at GetOlympus and BHphoto. Sigma: The new Sigma 56mm f/1.4 MFT lens is now available for preorder at Adorama, FocusCamera and BHphoto. Capture One: You save 50% + additional 10% with our coupon code “AMB43R” on the Capture One 2018 Styles Bundle (Click here). It includes 8 styles packs with a total of 112 styles. Luminar: Skylum launched the new Luminar 2018 with Sky enhancer tool. For a limited time you get this package with a $10 discount using our code “43RUM” and extra Bonuses
November 8, 2018

(FT5) The brand new E-M1X can shoot handheld Excessive Decision photos!

Size comparison: E-M1II with grip vs future E-M1X and the Canon 1DX (Thanks Robert). In January Olympus will announce their new OMD E-M1X camera. And it will be the world’s first camera capable of shooting hand held High resolution images! This rumor has been confirmed by multiple sources. The total Megapixel number you can shoot in this mode is yet not 100% confirmed but “I heard” it should be around 80 megapixels
November 7, 2018

New Olympus Q2 monetary report: Diminished income due the intensified competitors within the Imaging Enterprise

Olympus issued the Q2 financial report and new revised forecast documents. And while the company as a whole is doing well there are only bad news coming from their Imaging Business:
November 7, 2018

Reminder: Seize the Olympus Vacation Specials

Olympus USA launched their new Holiday Special deals. You can find them all on those special pages at GetOlympus and BHphoto.