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Modular Fujifilm GFX Drawings Received

A Reader sent in these Fujifilm GFX Modular system drawings. They look pretty good and it would be interesting if Fujifilm decided to make this system in the future since there was a lot of interest in it after we first covered it in detail here. A Modular GFX system could be a cheaper more accessible one that would give users more options than they have today. For instance, there could be GFXR/GFXS/GFX100 style modules for the Modular GFX in addition to bellows, sensor modal swaps, and more. This would let users choose if between a clean dial free camera and one with manual controls for everything and anything else in between. What do you think?

Apple challenges RED over RAW patent legitimacy

Apple filed two petitions with the US Patent Office that RED’s Rawcode patent for recording RAW internally is invalid and not patentable. The story was broke by EOSHD.com today.

Director/Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh testing new RED Komodo

Today we got a much larger picture of the Komodo from director Steven Soderbergh on Twitter. Looks like he is testing the new camera or just having a play with it. He mentions in the tweet being the guinea pig for the Red One 12 years ago.

Teradek Bolt 4K now shipping

Teradek’s Bolt 4K is finally shipping. The world’s first professional 4K latency-free wireless image transmission system was unveiled at NAB back in April. It was supposed to start shipping in June, but it was delayed by a few months.

Raafi Rivero’s Kinefinity MAVO LF Review

Raafi Rivero has probably shot more footage and had more hands-on time with the Kinefinity MAVO LF than just about anyone.

Fujifilm GFX100 Technical Analysis Part 2: Electronic Shutter Speed, PDAF Banding, and More

Jim Kasson has continued his analysis of the Fujifilm GFX100’s capabilities at a rapid pace, which is why we have another technological mega-post today of his findings. You can find the first post here and for those of you that have been asking about electronic shutter speed, it’s 1/3 – 1/6th, which you can read more about below.

Patent: Expanded dynamic range using DPAF sensors

Canon News has uncovered a patent showing how to increase dynamic range using DPAF equipped sensors.Here’s a breakdown of Canon Japan Patent Application 2019-129491 :

Best Speed Booster for Canon EOS M50 Camera

Get this from B&H Store and Amazon.comBest speed booster for Canon EOS M50 camera, the Viltrox M2 is a excellent tool and most importantly you won’t have face crop issue while using EF lenses.  Viltrox M2 actually reduces the FF image size to APS-C. It allow more light to fit on the smaller sensor, reducing the crop factor and providing more light on the sensor area (starting aperture is F1.2 when used with 50mm F1.8). Viltrox m2 speedbooster + 50mm F1.8 Lens will give you excellent filed view without any crop.

Z Cam adds ZRAW with E2 firmware update

Raw capture is the new favorite codec these days and if you like to get the absolute best image from your camera using Raw is the way to go. Shooting Raw can add some limitations alongside with higher quality capture when it comes to workflow, so it’s not for everyone.

Vaxis Storm 3000 Dual V-lock TX Review

We first saw the Vaxis Storm 3000 Dual V-lock TX at NAB earlier in the year. It looked like an interesting product so I thought it was a good idea to put it through its paces and see how it performs and works.