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IR: Fujifilm Interview With Toshihisa Iida and Makoto Oishi at CP+ 2019

Fujifilm has been giving lots of interviews lately and here is yet another one from CP+2019 after the one posted the other day. This interview is full of technical details that you can read into and image resource got lost talking about PDAF a few times so you might want to read their interview if my excerpts aren’t clear enough. Also, Fujifilm provided IR with some slides about their PDAF system that I have reproduced. Below are excerpts from the interview that cover all of the key details:

Spiffy Gear Spekular Light Review

Lighting is constantly changing. We have so many options from basic 1×1 panels to flexible large mats and tubes lights too. Spiffy Gear has yet another designed to add to the mix. Interlocking LED lights. With Spiffy Gear Spekular your Lego building inner child can be released!

Tilta Nucleus-N Wireless Follow Focus, It’s not just for gimbals

Affordable wireless follow focus units have been coming to market quickly these days, as well as single handheld gimbals with follow focus units designed to work with them. Tilta first introduced the new compact Nucleus-N wireless follow focus at BIRTV 2018.

RØDECaster Pro Multitrack Recording Now Available in 1.1.0 FW Update

RØDE Microphones has released the 1.1.0 firmware update for the recently released RØDECaster Pro which adds multitrack recording capability. This was a feature many felt should have been available from the release of the product so it’s good to see it being added not too long after the release.

Leica M10-P: Sample Images and Impressions by Jonathan Slack

Leica have been creating incremental updates of their digital M cameras since the M8.2 added a sapphire crystal rear display, different framelines and a quieter shutter in 2009. Of course, there have also been many limited-edition cameras, but they haven’t normally had any technical changes.

Fujifilm X Summit at GPP Photo Week 2019: GFX Modular Concept, X-T3 Firmware Update...

Fujifilm released a video of their X Summit for GPP Photo Week 2019 and it’s full of interesting details about upcoming lenses and firmware update. We also get a rare look at prototype hardware and what the GFX could have been and might someday become. The modular Fujifilm GFX is pretty amazing looking and it is kind of the direction I always thought they might go in so that the system becomes more of an interchangeable back type camera. Everyone looked really into the modular prototype so let’s hope that someday soon Fujifilm will have the technology to make one.

Glidecam HD-Pro Now Shipping

The newest Glidecam model, the HD-Pro stabilizer is now shipping (It was first announced back in April 2018, during NAB). It replaces all of the previous HD-1000, HD-2000, HD-4000 models, which were looking a bit outdated, as many copycats came in and added new features over the years.

Litepanels announces new Gemini 2×1 Accessories

Litepanels has announced three new accessories for the Gemini 2×1 LED panel. The new accessories include a dual battery bracket for either Gold Mount or V-Mount, a floor stand kit, and a soft-sided carry case.

Panasonic EVA-1 3.0 Firmware Update adds 4K60P & H.265 Recording

The EVA 3.0 firmware update for the Panasonic EVA-1 is now available to download. It is a free firmware upgrade and adds many new features including 4K60P 10-bit capture.

RØDE adds Multi-track recording to the RØDECaster Pro

The RØDECaster Pro has been out for just over a month and RØDE Microphones has announced a firmware 1.1.0 update in February 2019 will add Multi-track recording capabilities.