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OCTOPUS CAMERA – Open Platform with Swappable Sensors

Meet the OCTOPUS CAMERA from Octopus Cinema. The camera is still in the very early stages of development and has been built from the ground up to be an open platform with removable and upgradable parts.

Fujilove Podcast With Billy Luong From The Fuji Guys: GFX100, Fujikina 2019 Tokyo, Dual...

Fuji Love’s third interview with Billy Luong was posted and it’s just over an hr long. If you have the time you can listen to the podcast on Fujilove, iTunes, and Stitcher. You can find our coverage from the first podcast here and the second podcast here. If you do not have an hr to burn the excerpts covering the whole podcast are below:

Z Cam E2 Hands-on review

I visited Z Cam at NAB 2019 to get a look and learn about two new cameras. The E2-S6 an S35 and full frame Z Cam that is 6k and another option will be a full frame 8k model. These are scheduled to be released later this year. Z Cam is on an innovation roll right now. Seems they keep coming out with new updates and ideas.

It’s a Hardbox Light

Over time, I've seen many photos the place a sample is projected onto somebody’s face, and I’ve all the time struggled to simulate this sort of lighting. My...

Dish.TC: Sync By Satellite Launches on Kickstarter

Last month, we recently shared an article about a piece of hardware called Dish Timecode that was in development by Ari Krupnik which used satellites to embed timestamps into files. The project has now been launched on Kickstarter.

DroneShield’s RfPatrol

DroneShield’s RfPatrol is portable drone detector that has been developed so that law enforcement, the private sector, or government agencies can detect and gather data about drone proximity.

SmallHD announces 13″ & 17″ Wireless Production Monitors

SmallHD has just announced new 13″ & 17″ monitors with built-in Teradek Sidekick receivers in the 1303HDR SK RX & 1703P3X SK RX.

DJI Manifold 2 – ultra-compact onboard supercomputer

DJI has just announced Manifold 2, an ultra-compact onboard supercomputer for DJI drones designed with the next-generation of autonomous aerial robotics solutions in mind.

Panavision LCND, 6 Stops in 1 Filter

Panavision first announced the LCND (Liquid Crystal ND) at Cine Gear 2018 and is now saying that it is available. Before you get excited, being a Panavision item, it will most likely be rental only.

NVIDIA Studio Announced for Creators

As video creators, we are usually working with large high-resolution video files, large bitrates and running intensive tasks like rendering and processing video effects. Working on the road or out of the studio usually means you can’t always have a powerful desktop around.