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Photographing The Night Sky With A Kit Lens and Crop Sensor DSLR

Photographer Mike Ver Sprill goes to indicate you the way he creates a milky wave picture utilizing a crop sensor digicam like a Nikon D7200 and at 18 to...

Canon High Resolution APS-C Mirrorless Coming [Rumor]

According to the latest set of rumor we have Canon is working on a 32.5MP sensor. The new sensor will be used in Pro Series APS-C Mirrorless and DSLR camera. We already know that Canon CMOS sensors DR (Dynamic range) range isn’t that good as of others. So, its better if they adopt BSI tech with high resolution sensor. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Wild Rumors: Canon Terminated 7D Series

According to latest rumors coming from rumor mills. Canon may postponed the update of Canon 7D Mark II camera. Rumor mills  sources suggest that a Canon EOS R body is coming to  replace the Canon 7D lineup in DSLRs. But it’s fullframe of APS-C they don’t know at the moment.

Is a brand new 32.5mp APS-C sensor from Canon on the way? [CR1]

There has been a flurry of sensor talk over the last few weeks, though we haven’t posted much about it because most of it cannot be confirmed with any sort of certainty.

Nikon D6, Nikon D760, Nikon Z1 and more… [Rumors Update]

According to the latest rumors we are getting from reputed rumor mills Nikon D6 camera is coming at the end of 2019 or very beginning of 2020.

All new 24mp sensor coming to the next Canon ILC’s [CR1]

We’re told that the next generation of Canon CMOS image sensors will begin with an all-new 24mp APS-C sensor inside Canon’s next DSLR and EOS M cameras.

Tamron announces compatibility notice for Canon EOS RP users

We would like to announce that we have clarified compatibility in general operations(*1) of following Tamron Di & Di II lenses on Canon EOS RP, which was newly released on March 14, 2019, with Canon “Mount Adapter EF-EOS R”.

Canon EOS M5 Mark II and Canon EOS M100 Successor Details Leaked

Finally we have the initial details of the upcoming Canon Mirrorless and Compacts camera coming directly from wireless certification agency. It’s look like no DSLR announcement is scheduled for next few months. Take a look at the details we have from trusted Japanese sources

Patent: LED lights included with the pop-up flash on a DSLR

A patent geared to video shooters has appeared, and this one shows LED lights being included with the pop-up flash on a DSLR. The LED’s would be on continuously while shooting video, while the flash would be there for still shooting.

Canon 200D II / SL3 vs Sony A6400

Canon 200D II / SL3 vs Sony A6400 – Let’s us compare the two camera now. The both belong to entirely different genre  one is mirrorless and other is DSLR . And not only that Canon 200D II is a entry level DSLR camera and the Sony A6400 is Mid-range mirrorless.