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More Info about Upcoming 6 Unannounced Nikon Cameras

Currently, there is a total of six unannounced Nikon camera codes got registered. So what are these cameras could be ? Below are rumors about upcoming new cameras:

More Details About Nikon Upcoming Cameras

More details reveled about upcoming Nikon Upcoming cameras. We already know that Nikon have 6 New camera registered at wireless certification agency. Now according to rumors we have upcoming list of cameras include

Canon APS-C RF Mount Mirrorless Camera Rumor Update

According to the latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon RF Mount based APS-C camera isn’t just a rumor. Rumors suggest, It’s a part of camera giant future product announcements and they already have working prototypes in the lab.

Raafi Rivero’s Kinefinity MAVO LF Review

Raafi Rivero has probably shot more footage and had more hands-on time with the Kinefinity MAVO LF than just about anyone.

Cheap Camera Portrait Challenge by Mango Street

In this video, Mango Street shoot some portraits with a Canon t3i and an inexpensive 24mm and 50mm lens. Watch the outcomes. We’re...

Nikon Patent – Advance Phase AF Sensor

Nikon is working on more advanced Phase AF sensor for their DSLR camera. The new AF sensor will work in synchronization with Camera sensor and to capture sharpest image possible in every click.

Fujifilm GFX is The New Leica in Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag Announcement

It’s interesting that the Fujifilm GFX is being used to advertise the new Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 camera bags in their announcement. In the past, Billingham used Leica cameras to advertise their bags, but the release of the GFX made it harder for Leica fans to justify their purchase. Maybe this is a sign of things to come or maybe Billingham and Leica’s relations have soured. It sure would be nice if Billingham released a Fujifilm branded bag for the GFX like they did for the Leica M.

BMPCC 6K First Footage & Downloadable Clips

If you want to see what footage from the BMPCC 6K looks like you can download a bunch of material directly from Blackmagic. Blackmagic has made the original files available so you can color grade them yourself.

Tilta G2X/Nano bundle on sale for $499 USD

The gimbal wars are certainly heating up. With the recent announcement of the DJI Ronin-SC, and the Zhiyun Gimbal S, Tilta has decided to fight back by putting their G2X/Nano bundle on sale for $499 USD.

DPR: Fujifilm GFX100 Takes Home The Gold By Significantly Outperforming Full Frame Cameras

It’s not surprising, but the Fujifilm GFX100 took home the gold in DPReview’s review. You can read the full review here, but if you just want the high lights I have posted them below: