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Adobe Adds GPU Acceleration to Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw

Adobe continues to address consumers complaints about their photography software running slower than competitors, but not their lack of stand-alone pricing. While it’s good that they continue to make their product better even as they vacuum money out of our wallets monthly it still isn’t addressing consumers largest complaint. The press release for this software leaked yesterday, but today is when the update went live and it does seem to be a little quicker than before, but I am dealing with very large files out of the GFX100.

Pilotfly ATOMCUBE RX1 RGBCW Video Light

The Pilotfly ATOMCUBE RX1 RGBCW, is a small, compact light that uses Bluetooth Mesh so that you can link and control multiple fixtures at the same time.

Fast Access To Controlled U.S. Airspace For Recreational Drone Pilots

Recreational drone pilots in the United States can now obtain near-instant authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly in controlled airspace near approximately 600 airports.

Hands-on with the Aputure LS 300d II

Aputure announced the LS 300d II at NAB 2019, and I had a look at the new updated version at the show. The update is substantial. Aputure introduced the LS 300d back in 2017, and with a lot of user feedback, the Mark II was born with an all-new controller that has a fanless power ballast integrated into it. This might be the most significant part of the update as the original has a fan that is pretty loud and requires a long power cable to get it away from microphones. I use the 300d a lot in my studio setup without issue, but the long cable to get the ballast away is a must.

Pentax KP Limited Edition Announcement on June 13, 2019

Pentax KP Limited Edition Announcement on June 13, 2019. The will carry same specification as we have seen inside the Pentax KP camera. Pentax KP at B&H Store

New FUJIFILM Camera Remote For Android

Fujifilm finally released the new camera remote application for Android, which has been available for iOS just in time for the end of May.

Canon EOS R Review

The Canon EOS R is a camera we’ve all been waiting to see for several years now. It’s a full frame mirrorless camera with a 30.3MP sensor, 4K video capture, and an all-new lens mount. So how does this new camera and system handle the hype and anticipation that’s been building for so long?

Filmic Pro v6.9.3 adds white balance lock on record

Filmic Pro is arguably the best available tool for mobile filmmakers using a smartphone. Today they unveiled v6.9.3 which adds white balance lock on record.

Pisofttech Pilot Era – All-in-one 8K, 360 VR Camera

Pisofttech has just launched the Pilot Era all-in-one 360 VR camera on Indiegogo. It will be the first 360 VR camera with a built-in touch screen, capable of recording up to 8K 360 using four CMOS sensors.

FUJIFILM Camera Remote 4.0.1

Fujifilm released camera remote application 4.0.1 update for iOS today and Android app will be updated May 2019.