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Pentax K-1 Mark II Astrophotography Review

Picture Sync Ver. 2.0.Zero to be introduced on the finish of September

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the release of Image Sync Ver. 2.0.0, a fully updated version of the application dedicated to our digital cameras.

“GRmany Meet & Greet @photokina” occasion on September 29, 2018

Even at analog times, the RICOH GR was a very special camera. It’s not the many features that make the camera what it is. It is the overall concept with all its subtleties and weaknesses that makes the camera a favorite of many photographers.

Why I believe we’ll see a brand new Ricoh GR digital camera on the...

The last Ricoh GR II camera model is currently selling for $596.95.

Android Picture Sync Ver. 2.0.1 launched

Android Picture Sync Ver. 2.0.1 is now launched. Ricoh will announce a brand new Picture Sync iOS model 2.0.Zero on the finish of September. ...

Take advantage of your Pentax digicam

Ricoh has a brand new sequence of articles referred to as “Take advantage of your PENTAX digicam“. The primary two articles are: How you can optimize focusing accuracy...

Ricoh GR photographic dynamic vary and different sensor measurements posted at PhotonsToPhotos

PhotonsToPhotos published their Ricoh GR camera sensor measurements – here are some comparisons with the newer Leica CL and Fuji X100F cameras (click for larger view):