There may be nonetheless another registered however not but formally introduced Ricoh digicam (Ricoh...

Ricoh’s R02010 is expected to expect the Pentax brand new SLR because Bluetooth is not described in the GR III developed and announced last month (although Bluetooth may be added in the product version).

Pentax based mostly Zenit DSLR digital camera rumors

Rumors: the next Zenit camera could be based on a… Pentax DSLR

Interview with Ricoh on the brand new GR III: “a full body compact digicam...

On why the new GR is so lateAll main camera parts like a lens, a sensor, and an image processor changed into new models. It’s the first time to do so, and that’s why it took a long time. GR’s discontinuation wasn’t a matter of discussion. A new model comes out every two years until now, but it’s not a decision. We needed to remake all major parts.

Ricoh (Pentax) filed a patent for a DSLR cameras focusing display

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a diffusing plate easy to see a subject image (real image) and a single lens reflex camera using the diffusing plate for a focusing screen.

Recap of the PentaxRumors posts for September 2018

      Listed here are the PentaxRumors posts for September, 2018: Ricoh GR III growth introduced: 24MP, coming in early 2019 Ricoh GR III digicam at Photokina...

Pentax Okay-70 sensor measurements printed at PhotonsToPhotos

The Pentax Okay-70 DSLR digital camera sensor measurements are actually obtainable at PhotonsToPhotos: Source from pentaxrumors

HD PENTAX-D FA ★ 50mm f/1.four SDM AW lens evaluations

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Ricoh GR III further protection

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Pentax digest

Pentax K-1 Mark II Astrophotography Review

New Irix Dragonfly 150mm macro lens rumored

Here are the three Irix Dragonfly videos teasers: Via PhotoRumors