My hands-on expertise with the brand new Nikon Z7 by Fabio Marciano

My hands-on experience with the new Nikon Z7 by Fabio Marciano (website | Instagram | Facebook):

Nikon on the 2018 PhotoPlus Expo

Some photos and videos from the Nikon booth at the 2018 PhotoPlus Expo: Nikon changed their booth this year. Instead of glass cabinets where you had to vie with everyone else to ask a Nikon staffer to see a given camera and lens, they set up most of the booth like an Apple Store with Parsons tables. There was probably about 16 cameras per table (8 on each side) with a variety of lenses locked on and with a steel security cable locking the camera to the table. This was much better because you didn’t have to ask anyone for anything and one could spend as much time as they liked with the camera. The only table that was empty almost all the time was the one for the point-and-shoots. There were plenty of Z6’s and Z7’s with other tables for the other DSLR's. But they didn’t let you insert a memory card and most of the cameras would only record a few shots (and no video). I could understand this for the Z6’s, since they’re not out yet, but I don’t understand the logic of preventing users from inserting their own memory card for any of the other models, except perhaps on the older models that use CF or SD and they were afraid of bent pins.

Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 usability comparability

Many potential camera buyers are focused on comparing technical specifications and pixel peeping rather than paying attention to one big factor in the decision-making process - usability. Check out this video comparing the Canon EOS R ($2,299) and Nikon Z7 ($3,397) cameras from a usability perspective:

Nikon press occasion at Photokina dwell stream

Nikon press event at Photokina live stream: The above official Nikon's live streams are not working, try this one:

Nikon Z7 area overview

Nikon Z7 field review by Stuart Palley (, | @stuartpalley):TLDR: Mirrorless is the future of working pros in the documentary/journalism/travel realm. It may take another generation or two to fully compete with DSLRs, but it’s coming. The Z7 will not replace my D850 but rather complement it for the many situations where weight and size trump ease of use and AF speed/reliability in the near term. As the Z mount lens system grows I can start divesting myself of F mount glass when a Z mount equivalent comes into production. This is written from the perspective of someone who makes the majority of their income as a photographer and creative professional.

New guide: Photographer’s Information to the Nikon Coolpix P1000

The new Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P1000 book is now available at:The Nikon P1000 camera is currently in stock at:

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