Aputure RC LED light

The Aputure RC is a small fixture that looks a lot like a regular lightbulb. It even has a screw fitting so it can be used with domestic light fixtures. It’s designed for use in practical lights where it’s useful to be able to control exactly what light is in your scene.

Movcam MCS-2 FIZ controller first look

At NAB 2019 Movcam was showing their new MCS-2 FIZ controller. The MCS-2 is a multi-function wireless control unit and a successor to the MCS-1.

Luxli Taiko 2×1 LED light

The Luxli Taiko 2×1 LED light, named for a type of Japanese drum, is a larger version of the Luxli Timpani 1×1 that Matt reviewed here.

Aputure Sidus Link app and mesh network

Aputure Sidus Link is a new networking feature that the company is going to be building in to all their new lighting fixtures. It enables centralised control of all the Aputure lanterns you might be using on set.

Hawk Woods eight channel mini V-Lok battery charger

The Hawk Woods eight channel mini V-lok charger is designed to fit the company’s small V-mount batteries and to charge eight of them ‘semi-simultaneously.’

Sound Devices Scorpio

The new Sound Devices Scorpio is one loaded mixer and recorder. At first glance, it looks impressive with the bright colored lights of the VU meters as well as the channel trim knobs. It’s not just a thing of beauty but also the most powerful feature pack product to date for Sound Devices.

How to Correct Skin Tones: Skin tone Colour Grading Tutorial in Photoshop

This video is all about how one can appropriate pores and skin tones and how one can color grade them. Kayleigh June has been getting swamped with emails about...

Movcam DarkTower Wireless System Review

Movcam’s DarkTower sounds like it came directly out of the fires of Mordor, but it’s actually a very clever multi-dimensional wireless transmission system. DarkTower has been in the works for quite some time, but finally, it is here.

Photography Expedition Beneath the Ice of Greenland

Photographer Christian Pondella shoots Red Bull athlete Will Gadd climbing in Greenland's large ice caverns. ► Find out extra concerning the journey right here:...

Building An Oasis for Creativity with Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design

The Building A Unicorn Podcast has a very interesting interview with Blackmagic Design Founder and CEO Grant Petty. Grant shares the story of how the company became a giant by building an oasis for creativity.