Nablet ARRIRAW Plugin for Avid

Nablet has released its ARRIRAW plugin for Avid Media Access (AMA). The Nablet ARRIRAW AMA plugin allows users to link, play, edit and transcode ARRIRAW footage via AMA in Avid editing products. It supports linking of complete volumes as well as single clips. The clips can consist of MXF wrapped ARRIRAW frames and PCM Audio or be sequences of unwrapped ARRIRAW frames, *.ari files accompanied by PCM audio WAVE files.

Insta360 Partners with HTC to Streamling VR Capture & Playback

Insta360 today announced a new partnership with HTC that streamline VR creation and playback at the annual VEC conference.

Sony RX0 II Camera Finally Announced

Sony RX0 II Camera Finally Announced, we have covering up Sony RX0 II Journey from February 25th, 2019 (check here and here) and finally the camera become official today at March 26, 2019.

Panasonic G85 Successor Leaked Images

Panasonic G85 Successor finally coming very soon. We finally have the product shots of the camera and nothing literally changed from design part. The announcement of the camera is expected.

Sony announces the 4K RX0 II with a Flip Screen

Sony has just announced the brand new RX0 II which can now record 4K internally and has a new articulating flip screen.

Apple TV+ Streaming Service announced

At the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple announced a tv, news & magazine subscription services as well as their upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+ which will be coming this Fall.

New firmware for the MOZA Air 2

Gudsen MOZA has released new firmware for the MOZA Air 2 gimbal that improves camera ccompatibility.I reviewed the MOZA Air 2 recently and I found that it performed well at doing its primary function of creating smooth, stable, and usable shots. I personally did find the menu system and switching between modes on the actual gimbal itself a little bit counter-intuitive, but in saying that, it is very easy to change these settings if you use the App. I’m not a big fan of using heavy gimbals if you are just running smaller DSLR or mirrorless cameras, but that applies to the Ronin-S , Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab, as well as the Moza Air 2.

Teradek & SmallHD firmware enables the world’s first lens data overlays directly on a...

Teradek and SmallHD are announcing the release of new firmware updates that now include the world’s first lens data overlays (focal distance, iris, zoom and more) from the CTRL.1 single axis lens controller directly on SmallHD monitors. This will allow operators to pull focus and keep their eyes on the same display.

Panasonic G90 / G100 Camera Announcement in April 2019

According to latest rumors Panasonic will be announcing Panasonic G85 successor in April 2019, most probably the camera will be called the Panasonic G90 or G100. We have published back on Dec 2018, based on the early set information the camera will feature a 20MP sensor from Panasonic G9 camera. You may be also call it affordable Panasonic G9 camera. The main improvement we will witness with this camera is improved AF speed with more reliable face detection modes.

We are Getting More Closer to Canon G7X Mark III Announcement

Despite of being used inside the Canon G7X Mark III camera, the WM601 WiFi module spotted for first time in Indonesian Wireless agency