Sony A7R IV hands on…for video!

On Tuesday  Philip Bloom flew over to Dublin for a Sony press occasion. As with all of their press occasions you by no means know what they are going...

Canon 90D to feature Image Stabilization [Rumor]

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon 90D will feature built-in image stabilization system. The rumor is coming from veteran rumor mill,  however take this information with a grain of salt, since it’s coming from anonymous sources.

DJI Ronin-SC. A lighter gimbal designed for Mirrorless Cameras

The DJI Ronin-S is a beastly single-handed gimbal that can take a heavy payload. Today, DJI introduced a new, fully-featured lighter single-handed 3-axis gimbal called the Ronin-S Compact (SC). The Ronin-SC is designed for mirrorless cameras. It weighs 2.4 lbs (1.1kg) making it 41% lighter than the Ronin-S. The gimbals payload is 4.4 lbs (1.99 kg) making a complete camera package under 7 lbs (3.17kg) much more manageable to operate.

Sony Official Announcement on July 16, 2019

On July 16, Sony will do a Major Alpha camera related announcement. Exact date and time of announcement is  July 16 at 10am Eastern time!  Surprisingly Veteran rumor mills are not able to dig up even the name of cameras or lenses to be announced on July 16 and even Japanese sources are super silent.

Sony A7R IV Pre-order Started at B&H Store

Finally pre-order of Sony A7R IV started at B&H store, Click here to pre-order Sony A7R IV camera.

Canon Profit Down to 40% [Fiscal year 2019]

Canon Profit down this year too for the fiscal year ending December 2019. Approx 40% down from the previous year.

Sony A7R IV Sample Images

So, finally we have the sample images of the Sony A7R IV camera. The camera exhibit amazing amount of details even when viewed at 100%. you can check the Sony A7R IV announcement page here.

Sony A7R IV Announced Press Release, Specification and Pre-order Details

Sony A7R IV finally announced by Sony, the camera features 61MP FF CMOS sensor and 15 Stops of Dynamic range. Despite of having such a high-resolution sensor in ultra compact body the camera also features 5-axis IBIS (Built-in sensor shift image stabilization). With Sony A7R IV you can capture 10 frames per second @60MP and you will be getting fulltime AF (Auto Focus) and AE (Auto Exposure) Support.

Sony A7R IV Camera to be Announced Soon, Uses 61MP FF Sensor

Rumors suggest Sony A7R IV camera is coming with a brand new 61MP sensor. Take a look what Japanese sources said about Sony announcement

Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera rumors [Update]

Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera rumors [Update].  A initial set of specification surfaced over the web. According to the source of rumor mill, the upcoming camera will have more lighter body