Canon SL3 / 200D Mark II is Not Coming Soon

Canon SL2 / 200D is a highly popular camera among Youtubers as well as still shooters also prefer it. But now people are concerned about the replacement of Canon 200D / SL2 camera. And we are getting questions from our users that when Canon SL3 is coming or may be Canon 200D Mark II.

Canon Registered 3 New Camera DS 126751, DS 126761 and PC 2355

Canon finally registered three new camera at Indonesian Wireless agencies, let’s see what we can extract from the details leaked out from Indonesian wireless agencies.

Canon 25-300mm Lens Patent for Mirrorless Camera

Recent patent we have seen Canon is working on super zoom lenses for its Fullframe Mirrorless and Fullframe DSLRs camera. One of the most  the most important attractive then we have seen is the 25 to 300 mm lens which covers Almost 90% of starting from Wide Angle shots to telephoto.

Leica D-Lux 7 vs Panasonic LX 100 II

Leica announced the Leica D-Lux 7 camera today, now let’s take a look at the specification comparison between the two and let’s find out the these both camera are identical or different than each other

Leica D-Lux 7 Images and Specification Leaked

We are one of the first website to told you that Leica D-Lux 7 finally coming. Now, we have the images of the upcoming Leica D-Lux 7 camera leaked today, the camera is expected to arrive officially anytime soon. Take a look at the Major core specification of the camera

Leica D Lux 7 Finally Announced, Press Release, Full Specification and More…

Leica D Lux 7 finally arrived,  the camera as we have told you before it’s ann9ouncement features same core specification as of the Panasonic LX100 II. Take a look at the quick spec comparison of both the camera. They both features exactly same core specification

Canon Upcoming Mirrorless Camera 2019

let’s talk about the list of upcoming Canon Mirrorless camera in the year of 2019. We have already discussed the list of upcoming camera in the year of 2018 and some of them already announced also,

Canon Ditched DSLR Development in Favor of Mirrorless

Ok last year Canon said they will cannabilze DSLRs to promote Mirrorless camera, and they did also. They haven’t updated the long overdue 7D Mk II camera (no longer in production / discontinued) and no DSLRs announced in 2018. Now, latest rumor coming from rumor mill suggest that Canon killed one of its DSLR development in favor of Mirrorless camera. May be 5DS line dumped up and we will see a high-resolution mirrorless solution for that.

Olympus E-M1X Price $3000 [Rumor]

According to to latest rumors Olympus E-M1X is already on hand of professional shooters  and they’re really impressed with the performance of the camera. Take a look at the Major details below

ABT Cine & Hanse Inno Tech Speedmount for DSMC2 Focal Reducer

With the recent influx of full frame lenses entering the market, a few years ago, ABT Cine & Hanse Inno Tech started working on a focal reducer solution which would be able to harness these new optics with S35 sensor cameras. We first saw a demo of the Speedmount EF for DSMC2 back in IBC 2017.