NHK has been working on 8K since 1995

Mika Kanaya, Senior Producer at NHK, talks about the lead up to, and launch of the world’s first 8K channel. From the challenges to successes, hear how this broadcast breakthrough has been received and why 8K is here to stay.

Zacuto introduces the 1080p Micro OLED Kameleon EVF

Hands down the Zacuto Gratical EVF’s are the most popular aftermarket EVF on the market and for good reason. They have a great build and work on pretty much any camera with an HDMI or SDI output. Today Zacuto introduces a new 1080p Micro OLED Kameleon EVF with the same input options you would expect. HDMI and SDI.

KitSplit Plus – Streamlining Large Rentals

Online camera rental marketplace KitSplit has announced KitSplit Plus, a new program which aims to streamline the rental process for larger productions.

My 10 Rules for Epic Landscapes Photography by Serge Ramelli

Here are Serge Ramelli´s 10 guidelines for photographing Epic landscapes 1. Go to a fantastic place. That appears easy however it's the base for...

Panasonic S1 vs Nikon Z6 Video AF Test

Panasonic S1 vs Nikon Z6 AF Test – Le’s have a look at the AutoFocus Video test between the Recently announced Panasonic S1 and Nikon Z6 camera. As we all know that Nikon Z6 features 273 Phase AF points based Fullframe Sensor and Panasonic Z6 is limited to Panasonic traditional Contrast based DFD AF System. Take a look at the AF Speed test, and decide for yourself which one of more fast.

More Details About Nikon Upcoming Cameras

More details reveled about upcoming Nikon Upcoming cameras. We already know that Nikon have 6 New camera registered at wireless certification agency. Now according to rumors we have upcoming list of cameras include

Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

Canon finally working on a constant aperture kit lens – 18-55mm F2.8 IS that will boost up the image quality we generally get from standard kit lens from APS-C DSLRs. But, the physically the lens is 2X big compared to the standard kit lens we are having now. In general patents takes at least 1 to 2 year to become a real product.  The publication date of this patent is Jan 2019. So we have wait a bit long for its arrival.

FCPX 10.4.6 Released

Apple has released the 10.4.6 update for FCPX. The update is primarily to solve the problem of incompatible media files with fture versions of macOS after Mojave.

Ready Rig VEGA Upgrade – Counterweight Module

Holding a full cinema package on a gimbal or handheld is no easy feat. The Ready Rig is commonly used to provide support when shooting with these packages. Ready Rig has now introduced the new VEGA counterweight module upgrade for the Ready Rig GS/Proarm vest.

Fast Access To Controlled U.S. Airspace For Recreational Drone Pilots

Recreational drone pilots in the United States can now obtain near-instant authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly in controlled airspace near approximately 600 airports.