Sony Official Announcement on July 16, 2019

On July 16, Sony will do a Major Alpha camera related announcement. Exact date and time of announcement is  July 16 at 10am Eastern time!  Surprisingly Veteran rumor mills are not able to dig up even the name of cameras or lenses to be announced on July 16 and even Japanese sources are super silent.

Behind the Film – Inside the ILFORD factory

Take a look inside the HARMAN know-how manufacturing facility in Mobberley, England the place we manufacture the ILFORD and Kentmere ranges of black and white movie, photographic paper and...

Sony RX100 VII to Use IMX 383 Sensor

We have a good news from Sony semiconductor division, they have announced a new 1inch IMX 383 sensor. The new sensor is 20 Megapixel BSI Stacked CMOS sensor. The sensor features continuous shooting speed upto 50 frames per second at full resolution. Which was not possible with the previous generation of sensor, the previous generation Sony 1 inch sensor where Limited 20 frames per second only.

Canon Profit Down to 40% [Fiscal year 2019]

Canon Profit down this year too for the fiscal year ending December 2019. Approx 40% down from the previous year.

DJI Ronin-SC. A lighter gimbal designed for Mirrorless Cameras

The DJI Ronin-S is a beastly single-handed gimbal that can take a heavy payload. Today, DJI introduced a new, fully-featured lighter single-handed 3-axis gimbal called the Ronin-S Compact (SC). The Ronin-SC is designed for mirrorless cameras. It weighs 2.4 lbs (1.1kg) making it 41% lighter than the Ronin-S. The gimbals payload is 4.4 lbs (1.99 kg) making a complete camera package under 7 lbs (3.17kg) much more manageable to operate.

Sony A7R IV Pre-order Started at B&H Store

Finally pre-order of Sony A7R IV started at B&H store, Click here to pre-order Sony A7R IV camera.

Sony A7R IV Sample Images

So, finally we have the sample images of the Sony A7R IV camera. The camera exhibit amazing amount of details even when viewed at 100%. you can check the Sony A7R IV announcement page here.

4K for $10K with Jem Schofield

Jem Schofield, who is a regular contributor on the AbelCine blog has produced a series called 4K for $10K. With so many cameras on the market that are capable of UHD 4K HDR acquisition, and cost less than $10,000, it can be a hard decision to choose what camera is right for you. Jem helps cut through all of the confusion by having a detailed look at what cameras would be valuable to not only himself but to a large part of the industry that uses cameras in this price range.

Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera rumors [Update]

Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera rumors [Update].  A initial set of specification surfaced over the web. According to the source of rumor mill, the upcoming camera will have more lighter body

Teradek RT CTRL.3 Deluxe Kit Review

The Teradek RT wireless FIZ system is an interesting concept that leverages technology from multiple brands. With products increasingly becoming a combination of both hardware and software, I was interested to see just how well Teradek’s RT wireless FIZ system blends both of them together.