As anticipated Olympus didn’t announce any new product at Photokina

Olympus is the only major company not having announced any new product at this years Photokina. Granted you could actually count in Sony too if they would not consider the 24mm GM lens they announced the last week. And Ricoh-Pentax at least announced the GRIII development.

(FT5) New Olympus OMD shall be very costly and outshine present fashions

I once more got confirmation that Olympus will announce a new OMD camera in January. And they all said this camera is:

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New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Digicam exams

Here we have a new bunch of reviews:Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K first Review – Beautiful but Limiting!

Teaser: Massive Panasonic digicam specs to be posted quickly on our new web site...

Like I told you yesterday Panasonic Full frame move has nothing to do with Four Thirds format, MFT or any collaboration with Olympus at all.That’s why I had to move forward and create (“L” for L-mount).

Skylum announce Luminar Libraries replace will likely be launched in December as a free...

Skylum announced that it will release the DAM module for Luminar in December. And it will be a FREE upgrade! This will make Luminar to a direct Lightroom competitor for a very affordable price. If you want to buy Luminar use our coupon code “43RUM” to  get a $10 discount.

(FT2) Some extra unverified Panasonic FF specs…

I have told you many times that Panasonic will announce the development of the new Panasonic FF system camera on September 25. And only few specs will be unveiled. That’s probably why some of the rumors I got are conflicting or may not be right. Here are the latest info I got that has been NOT ve verifiable by my trusted sources:

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Only a reminder that Panasonic will launch a brand new GH5-GH5s-G9 firmware replace in...

New firmware update for Panasonic GH5, GH5S, G9, GX9 coming soon 2018 OctWith all that L-mount and 10-25mm MFT lens buzz some of our readers might have missed this:

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