Leica S3 extra data (full technical specs)

Today Leica announced their new S3 medium format camera, but they provided only some basic specs:I was able to find online the full set of specifciati0ns that is not yet officially released (click for larger view):

New trade-up program introduced within the US for the Leica SL digital camera

Leica Camera USA announced a new trade-up program for the SL system: you can get $600 off the Leica SL mirrorless camera if you trade in a working DSLR (any brand, any model). This offer will expire at the end of 2018. For additional information, contact one of our sponsors: PopFlash | Leica Palm Beach | Leica Soho | Leica Miami | Tamarkin | Classic Connection | Ken Hansen.

Coming quickly: silver Leica CL, khaki Leica Q and black Leica Sofort cameras

Leica will soon announce three new cameras (or three new colors colors):Via Nokishita

The brand new Leica CL silver anodized end mirrorless digital camera is now obtainable...

The new Leica CL silver anodized finish mirrorless camera is now available for pre-order. For pricing and availability, check one of our sponsors:

Up to date listing of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses

Here is an updated list of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses after the Leica M10-P camera and Elpro E52 close up lens got already announced (see the previous lists here):

What? Leica, Sigma and Panasonic to launch a brand new full body mirrorless digicam...

Leica SL full frame mirrorless mountThree weeks ago, I published the post "Leica will not share their mirrorless L-mount with Panasonic and/or Olympus". Since then we have seen several "reports" online about Panasonic coming up with a new full frame mirrorless camera with Leica SL mount.

Zenit and Leica current joint manufacturing digicam (Zenit M with Zenitar 35mm f/1.Zero lens)

I have been reporting about the Leica - Zenit join venture for a while and today both companies officially presented a new joint production digital rangefinder camera:  Zenit M (based on the Leica M Type 240)  will come with a Zenitar 35mm f/1.0 lens (previously leaked here).

Now in inventory: Leica SF 60 Flash and C1 Wi-fi Distant

The new Leica SF 60 flash unit and Leica SF C1 remote control unit (compatible with the Leica S, Leica SL, Leica M, Leica Q and Leica CL cameras) are now in stock. For additional pricing information and availability check one of the Leica dealers listed below:

Introduced: Leica Sofort Black digicam

The Leica Sofort Black camera is now officially announced. The new matte black finished instant camera has the same features and functions of the existing models. For pricing and availability, check one of our sponsors:

First footage of the Leica M10-P digicam leaked on-line

As I already reported, the new Leica M10-P camera will be announced next week and the first pictures already leaked online - here is the black version: