Leica SL2 digital camera coming in 2019

I find it amusing when somebody claims "I'm not rumor-mongering" and then make a video called "Leica SL2 Coming in H1 2019?" - the video is based on a Photokina interview with Stephan Schulz from Leica who confirmed that a new SL model should be expected in the next few months:

The primary Leica M lens adapters for the brand new Nikon Z and Canon...

The first Leica M lens adapters for the new Nikon Z and Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras are already announced. The Shoten LM-NZ lens adapter (Leica M lenses to Nikon Z-mount) is already available for sale on eBay:

Kipon introduced new Leica lens adapters for Nikon Z and Canon EOS R mirrorless...

After Novoflex and Shoten, Kipon also announced new Leica lens adapters for the Nikon Z and Canon R mirrorless cameras:

First pattern pictures taken with the brand new 7Artisans 28mm f/1.four lens for Leica...

7Artisans published the first sample photos taken with the new 28mm f/1.4 lens for Leica M-mount - the pictures were taken on a Leica M7 camera with Fujifilm C200 film:

Leica Q Khaki restricted version digital camera introduced

Today, Leica Camera announces the previously leaked Leica Q Khaki limited edition camera featuring real leather trim in khaki green. The new addition to the Leica Q family features the engraving of the classic Leica script on the top plate of the camera in matching khaki color and is also paired with a khaki green leather carrying strap (see the pictures at the bottom of this post).

Full specs for the PIXII digicam

Here is the full set of specifications for the new PIXII camera with M-mount:

New Leica V-Lux Explorer package introduced within the US

Today, Leica Camera announced a new Leica V-Lux camera kit that includes a Bowery for Leica (Canvas, Field Tan) bag from the ‘ONA for Leica’ bag collection and a red Leica Rope Strap designed by COOPH. The Leica V-Lux Explorer Kit will be on sale staring today for $1,350: Adorama, B&H, Leica Store Soho, Leica Store Miami.

New Vi Vante digital camera straps now out there

Ultime BlackoutUltime Burnt OrangeUltime Phoenix (Red & Black)Ascari Black NapaVi Vante released several new camera straps that are also available for sale directly on Amazon:

7Artisans 28mm f/1.four lens for Leica M-mount updates (double aspherical components)

Here is a detailed sketch of the upcoming rangefinder-coupled 7Artisans 28mm f/1.4 lens for Leica M-mount:

Leica M10-D hands-on video

Leica M10-D hands-on video by Reddotcameras:The new Leica M10-D digital rangefinder camera without LCD screen is now in stock at Adorama (US),  Reddotcameras (UK) and Leica Boutique Montreal (Canada).