Leica Q Khaki restricted version digital camera introduced

Today, Leica Camera announces the previously leaked Leica Q Khaki limited edition camera featuring real leather trim in khaki green. The new addition to the Leica Q family features the engraving of the classic Leica script on the top plate of the camera in matching khaki color and is also paired with a khaki green leather carrying strap (see the pictures at the bottom of this post).

Kipon introduced new Leica lens adapters for Nikon Z and Canon EOS R mirrorless...

After Novoflex and Shoten, Kipon also announced new Leica lens adapters for the Nikon Z and Canon R mirrorless cameras:

Leica SL2 digital camera coming in 2019

I find it amusing when somebody claims "I'm not rumor-mongering" and then make a video called "Leica SL2 Coming in H1 2019?" - the video is based on a Photokina interview with Stephan Schulz from Leica who confirmed that a new SL model should be expected in the next few months:

The primary Leica M lens adapters for the brand new Nikon Z and Canon...

The first Leica M lens adapters for the new Nikon Z and Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras are already announced. The Shoten LM-NZ lens adapter (Leica M lenses to Nikon Z-mount) is already available for sale on eBay:

Full specs for the PIXII digicam

Here is the full set of specifications for the new PIXII camera with M-mount:

New Leica V-Lux Explorer package introduced within the US

Today, Leica Camera announced a new Leica V-Lux camera kit that includes a Bowery for Leica (Canvas, Field Tan) bag from the ‘ONA for Leica’ bag collection and a red Leica Rope Strap designed by COOPH. The Leica V-Lux Explorer Kit will be on sale staring today for $1,350: Adorama, B&H, Leica Store Soho, Leica Store Miami.

New Vi Vante digital camera straps now out there

Ultime BlackoutUltime Burnt OrangeUltime Phoenix (Red & Black)Ascari Black NapaVi Vante released several new camera straps that are also available for sale directly on Amazon:

First 7artisans 28mm f/1.four M-mount lens evaluate now on-line

35mmc published their 7artisans 28mm f/1.4 M-mount lens review - here is their conclusion (the lens will be priced at £375 without VAT, or around $480 - for comparison the Leica Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 lens is $6,595):

Leica Q-P digicam now in inventory

The new Leica Q-P camera is currently in stock at :

First pattern pictures taken with the brand new 7Artisans 28mm f/1.four lens for Leica...

7Artisans published the first sample photos taken with the new 28mm f/1.4 lens for Leica M-mount - the pictures were taken on a Leica M7 camera with Fujifilm C200 film: