Fujinon XF16mm f/2.8 Coming in Silver May 23rd

The Fujinon XF16mm f/2.8 will be available in silver on May 23rd according to DC.Watch. It has been available in black for a few months now and B&H Photo already has the silver edition listed for preorder. On the other hand, Adorama says it will start shipping May 31st.

Photons to Photos: Canon RP vs Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-T30 vs X-T2 vs X-T20

The Canon RP looked like a crazy value when it was launched, but it’s interesting to see now that its full frame sensor can’t keep up with Fujifilm APS-C X-Trans III or X-Trans IV cameras anywhere near base ISO. While Photons to Photos hasn’t added the Fujifilm X-T30 yet it’s safe to say it will match the X-T3 closely just like the X-T2 and X-T20. If you want to manipulate the above comparison you can do so here.

Kamlan FS 50mm f/1.1 II Coming to Kickstarter in May

The Kamlan FS 50mm f/1.1 will be coming to Kickstarter in May according to their Facebook page.Kamlan FS 50mm f/1.1

Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware 3.00 Update

Fujifilm’s latest firmware 3.00 is definitely an improvement, but it is getting some mixed reviews. Some are saying that the update is comparable to the a6400’s AF system while others are just calling it usable. I think a lot of the variation is coming from the lenses used at this point because red-badged lenses seem to be performing on par with Sony cameras. My Fujinon XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR works perfectly with firmware 3.00 and I couldn’t be happier with the step up in performance.

Optical Limits: Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Review

The Fujinon XF80mm is Fujifilm’s first 1:1 macro and many have given it a positive review, but Optical Limits formally photozone.de got their hands on the lens and did some technical testing. The XF80 has very low distortion and has some noticeable vignetting, reaching peak performance by f/5.6. This is a lens I have wanted for a while and Optical Limits Highly recommends it and their conclusion is below.

STC Optical Clip Filters Coming to Fujifilm Soon

STC Optical Clip Filter is expanding their clip-on filter line up to include Fujifilm cameras and more. These filters are popular among photographers that do now want to deal with filter systems or owning multiple sized filters since they sit on the sensor. They are also great for astrophotography. We have an astrophotography addict group that you can join that is picking up with the season upon us now.

Fujifilm Savings Sunday: Last Days to Save on X-T30 and Last Week For GFX50R...

Fujifilm X-T30 v XF23 f/2 (Save $300): B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Fujifilm X-T30 v XF35 f/2 (Save $300): B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Fujifilm X-T30 v XF50 f/2 (Save $300): B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

DPRTV: Fujifilm X-T30 vs Sony a6400 Buyers Guide

DPReviewTV made a comparison buyers guide video for the Fujifilm X-T30 and Sony a6400 but didn’t come to a firm final conclusion. Below is the break down of their opinion:

Kamlan 8mm f/3.0 Manual Focus Super Wide-Angle Lens Coming April 20th

Cytotron Japan Co., Ltd. will release an APS-C compatible single-focus lens “KAMLAN 8mm F3.0” on April 20 as a new product of the “KAMLAN” brand. The suggested retail price is open. Estimated over-the-counter price is around 25,000 yen excluding tax ($223 USD).

FUJIFILM Camera Remote 4.0.1

Fujifilm released camera remote application 4.0.1 update for iOS today and Android app will be updated May 2019.