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Images of the Canon EOS Ra seem

Product images of the upcoming EOS Ra have appeared.  It’s very likely we’ll see this camera very shortly.

A few Canon EOS-M M6 Mark II Reviews

If you are a Canon RF user, even if you aren’t interested in buying the M6 Mark II you should be interested in the reviews as it’s a precursor to better performance on the EOS RF mount.  The M6 Mark II gives us a glance into a future world of high performance Canon mirrorless cameras.

Canon Patent: Hybrid Speedlite with energetic cooling

Canon News discovered yet another patent, this one discussing what appears to be a high powered flash that also includes continuous LED lighting.

Canon Patent: Potential cooling for a 1 sequence digicam

Canon News has discovered an interesting patent that identifies external accessory based cooling for a 1 series camera body.  While this camera shown in the illustrations is clearly a 1 series camera, it does not appear to be the 1DX Mark III body.  It’s highly possible that this was one of the early attempts to manage heat in the upcoming 1DX Mark III that was later abandoned.

Canon EOS 90D Firmware v1.1.1 is now accessible

New firmware (Version 1.1.1) for the Canon 90D is now available for download. This update adds 24p to 4K and Full HD.

More data on the 1DX Mark III [CR2]

Remember when we told you we saw an image of the 1DX Mark III but couldn’t tell show it? Well, that person got back to us today with a little more details on the 1DX Mark III.

Preorder all the new Canon gear now!

You can officially preorder all of the new Canon gear from our exclusive affiliate partner Adorama.

Canon is shutting down Irista

Canon has announced that as of January 31, 2020, Irista is shutting down.Irista has been around since 2014 and was Canon’s online solution for managing, sharing and printing photos.  You could use Irsta through the web, Andriod or iOS.