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More data on the 1DX Mark III [CR2]

Remember when we told you we saw an image of the 1DX Mark III but couldn’t tell show it? Well, that person got back to us today with a little more details on the 1DX Mark III.

Preorder all the new Canon gear now!

You can officially preorder all of the new Canon gear from our exclusive affiliate partner Adorama.

Canon is shutting down Irista

Canon has announced that as of January 31, 2020, Irista is shutting down.Irista has been around since 2014 and was Canon’s online solution for managing, sharing and printing photos.  You could use Irsta through the web, Andriod or iOS.

Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.4.Zero now obtainable

New firmware for the Canon EOS RP is now available for download. This update adds FullHD 24p.Canon EOS RP Firmware v1.4.0

Canon Patent utility for a Canon RF 24-80mm f/4

Canon News discovered a patent application that features a Canon RF 24-80mm f/4.  It’s almost a given that like the EF mount, Canon will come out with a f/4 set of zooms for the RF mount, especially since Nikon has already released an f/4 UWA and normal zoom.

I discuss with Drew and Roger on the newest Lensrentals.com podcast

I had the great pleasure of talking with my friends at Lensrentals.com on their latest podcast. We talk a bit about Canon Rumors and a lot about the future of the industry and where I think Canon will go in the future.

Patent: Canon RF 10-24mm f/Four and Canon RF 14-28 f/2.0

Canon News has uncovered patents for two ultra-wide-angle zoom lenses for Canon’s RF mount. We do believe we’ll see an ultra-wide-angle lens announced some time in early 2020.

Samyang to launch an AF 14mm f/2.eight for the RF mount

It looks like Samyang is getting ready to announce an AF 14mm f/2.8 lens for Canon’s RF mount.The sooner third party manufacturers get lenses out for the RF mount, the better things will be for EOS R shooters and for the manufacturers themselves.