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The Leica SL has been relatively successful for Leica, and a sequel looks to be coming very soon.Leica SL2 rumoured specifications:
The Cinema EOS lineup has been pretty successful for Canon, but 2019 was a slow year for the system as we only saw one new camera, the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II.
From Canon: In response to feedback from our customers about some of our recently launched EOS and PowerShot models, Canon plans to introduce 24p mode (23.98fps) for movie recording via a series of future firmware updates for select models. After the firmware updates are downloaded it will be possible to shoot 24p (23.98fps) in 4K and Full HD for the select models.
Back in July, we reported that Canon was working on a high-megapixel EOS R camera body and that two different sensors were being tested, one around 70mp and another over 80mp.
Update: Canon USA has removed the link and firmware notes for version 1.4.0 for the Canon EOS R. The release date looks to be September 26, 2019.
Press Release: The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of “FF Classic Prime Line” as a new series in the SIGMA CINE LENS.
6ave (99.6% approval) is selling the Canon EOS 5DS R body for $1579 (Reg $3699) via ebay.If you’re looking for a high-megapixel body for a great price, this is it.
It’s no surprise anymore that IBIS is coming to future EOS R cameras, and possibly a Canon DSLR. This patent is an extremely detailed view of Canon’s IBIS unit. It looks like the technology is ready to go.
An RF mount cinema camera of some kind is likely an inevitable evolution in Canon’s ecosystem when such a camera will appear is unknown at this time. I imagine the lens lineup needs to be a bit bigger before we see this sort of camera come to market.

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