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What to Expect Next from Nikon ? (October 2019)

What to Expect Next from Nikon ? (October 2019)

This is October model of “What to expect next from Nikon ?“. After the announcement of Nikon D6 and Nikon Z50 (B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon), at the moment, there are a complete of 6 new Nikon digicam codes acquired registered, this implies there can be not less than 6 new Nikon cameras coming in 2019 to 2020.

  • N1722
    • Digital digicam (Could be rumored Nikon Z8 full body mirrorless digicam, it has identical wi-fi elements as Z6 & Z7, the battery for this digicam is EN-EL15b)
    • Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a / b / g / n / ac) and Bluetooth
    • Battery: EN-EL15b
    • Charger: MH-25b
    • USB cable: UC-E24
    • Microphone: ME-1
    • Remote code: MC-DC2
  • N1834
    • Digital digicam
      • Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b / g / n) /Bluetooth4.1 put in
  • N1845
    • Digital digicam
  • N1847
    • Digital digicam
  • N1849
    • Digital digicam
  • N1850
    • Digital digicam

Rumored Nikon cameras:

Rumored Nikon Lenses:


2020 to 2021:


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