Fujifilm GFX100 Drone Footage Using DJI MATRICE 600PRO


Fujifilm Japan posted some surreal Fujifilm GFX100 drone footage by Masami Tanaka. Tanaka has the GFX100 mounted on a MATRICE 600 PRO, which might take off with as much as 34 Pound of kit hooked up. Tanaka additionally has the DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer hooked up to the MATRICE 600 PRO within the screengrab under.

MATRICE 600 PRO Efficiency
Most PaceHorizontal (No Wind): 40 mph / 65 km/h
Ascent: 16.Four ft/s (5 m/s)
Descent: 9.Eight ft/s (Three m/s)
Most Wind Resistance26.2 ft/s (Eight m/s)
Most AltitudeAbove Sea Stage: 8202.1′ / 2500 m
Hovering AccuracyP-Mode with GPS:
Vertical: ±1.6′ / 0.5 m
Horizontal: ±4.9′ / 1.5 m
Most Angular VelocityPitch: 300°/s
Yaw: 150°/s
Most Pitch Angle25°
Hovering TimeSix TB47S Batteries:
No payload: 32 minutes
13.2 lb / 6 kg Payload: 16 minutes

Six TB48S Batteries:
No payload: 38 minutes
12.1 lb / 5.5 kg payload: 18 minutes

Notice: Hovering time is predicated on flying at 32.8′ / 10 m above sea stage in a no-wind atmosphere and touchdown with 10% battery stage.

Takeoff Weight34.1 lb / 15.5 kg
Flight Ceiling8202.1′ / 2500 m above sea stage

Fujifilm GFX100 Drone Footage Using DJI MATRICE 600PRO

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