Best Speed Booster for Canon EOS M50 Camera

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Best velocity booster for Canon EOS M50 digicam, the Viltrox M2 is a wonderful device and most significantly you gained’t have face crop concern whereas utilizing EF lenses.  Viltrox M2 truly reduces the FF picture dimension to APS-C. It enable extra gentle to suit on the smaller sensor, decreasing the crop issue and offering extra gentle on the sensor space (beginning aperture is F1.2 when used with 50mm F1.8). Viltrox m2 speedbooster + 50mm F1.8 Lens gives you wonderful filed view with none crop.

Major Features Viltrox m2 speedbooster for Canon EOS M50

  1. Starting Aperture F1.2 (Creates Super Creamy bokeh as of Canon L collection portrait lens)
  2. Low gentle efficiency of the digicam improves, since you might be getting extra gentle to the sensor.
  3. The area view of EF lens lens stays similar, doesn’t undergo from crop.
  4.  Really very useful once you wish to create 4K movies with EOS M50 digicam, it is going to prevent from tremendous crop mode at 4K.
  5.  The solely draw back is much less nook sharpness in comparison with FF cameras.

Best adapter obtainable for Canon EOS M50 digicam.

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