Bright Tangerine has introduced a brand new 15mm & 19mm help rods known as the Drumstix, that are made out of Sterling Titanium.

Traditionally, carbon fiber, stainless-steel, and aluminum have been used to make help rods, with every one providing their very own benefits and weaknesses. Bright Tangerine says that by utilizing titanium they will supply the appropriate steadiness between weight and energy.

Bright Tangerine Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods
Support rods have to be inflexible to help the digicam alongside along with your digicam equipment

Key options

  • Quarter of the load of stainless-steel rods
  • Won’t bend like aluminium or shatter like carbon fibre rods
  • Manufactured to excessive British requirements with two microns of tolerance
  • Available in 15mm or 19mm in a spread of lengths
  • Backed with a lifetime guarantee

Zero Flex

Bright Tangerine says that they’re utilizing high-grade titanium which has gone by means of an inside course of to get it to their specs which can stay straight, even on the lengthy 18″ bars with zero flex. They are made to 2-micron tolerances which permit each rod to be precisely the identical. Usually with decrease grade rods, you could find variations from one rod to the opposite inflicting wiggle room when making an attempt to clamp down along with your equipment.

Bright Tangerine Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods

Titanium is usually utilized in different industries due to the light-weight but sturdy properties, utilized in sporting gear like bike frames, golf golf equipment, car, and medical implants.

With carbon fiber rods, they have a tendency to flex on longer runs and aren’t in a position to help the identical quantity of weight as metal. Carbon fiber can also be not very best for chilly climate as they will turn out to be brittle.

Sometimes, utilizing aluminum and light-weight metal rods can get dented if the rod clamp is tightened too far. The MAP-2 can clamp down fairly tight on rods, inflicting dents to kind on the skinny light-weight metal or aluminum rods.

Weight Savings

If you’re a touring cameraman or camerawoman, any weight you’ll be able to scale back in your equipment is at all times welcome. Since help rods are principally a necessity, you’ll be able to’t simply resolve to go away them at dwelling when utilizing different equipment like lens helps, comply with focus or rod mounted matte field.

For aerial and gimbal work, each gram or pound saved can add to flight time. Rods additionally usually stick out additional away from the middle of gravity, so if they’re lighter it’s going to make the setup simpler to steadiness on a gimbal.

Bright Tangerine Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods
RED Scarlet-W with the Drumstix, Left Field DSMC2 Sliding Kit, Revolvr Atom & Clash 138 matte field

While 15mm rods are normally not that heavy, all of it provides up. Small variations in weight can be the deciding consider whether or not a setup balances on a gimbal or not. When you’ve gotten a big studio construct. Two of the 19mm Drumstix at 18″ weigh in at 232g/.5lb (118g/0.25lb every) in comparison with Wooden Camera’s 19mm 18″ metal rod at 900g/2.04lb (450g (1.02lb every) is sort of 1 / 4 of the load.

Pricing & Availability

Bright Tangerine Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods

The pricing for the rods is barely greater than Wooden Camera’s metal rods however lower than ARRI’s light-weight help rods. They are additionally priced very equally to the Element Technica extremely rods.

You can purchase them in singles or in pairs. The costs are per size, no matter diameter. The pricing chart beneath in $USD.

Size & Length3″ (15mm solely)6″ (15mm solely)9″12″15″18″

The Drumstix can be found on-line from Bright Tangerine’s online store or by means of authorised sellers.

LockCircle additionally has 15mm titanium rods known as the Rod Rocket. It differs in that it’s only obtainable in 15mm and is available in a pack of modules which have to be joined collectively to create a complete size of 6″. They retail for $299 USD.