German-based company Pilotfly has released the new PFY MAVERICK handheld gimbal. The new gimbal is part of the new  PFY product line and comes with a lot of accessories that are normally sold separately with other gimbals like the wireless lens motor & handwheel. The Maverick is available on pre-order at a special introductory price of $849 USD (RRP of $999 USD) and is estimated to ship in March. The wireless unit alone sells for $399 USD,(introductory special of $299 USD)

Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal


  • Maximum payload of 4.2kg (9lb)
  • 12 hour runtime on a single battery
  • Locks on each axis
  • Tilted Roll motor for clear view of the back of camera
  • 5-way joystick
  • Camera control via included cable for compatible cameras
  • Includes wireless follow focus & motor

Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

One issue with handheld gimbals is that they are a bit bulky to transport due to the hight. What’s nice about the Pilotfly gimbals, is that they use a screw in base to make the handgrip detachable. This is similar to what DJI has done with the Ronin-S, making it easier to break down for transport. In the case of the Ronin-S, it lets you mount the gimbal elsewhere using the universal mount. Pilotfly has a similar Battery Dock BD-1 for their H2 & T1 gimbals but no information has been published about the compatibility with the Maverick.


Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

The gimbal is powered by a proprietary battery which Pilotfly claims to offer 12 hours of run time. There are no details of the battery capacity.

Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

PFY Focus

Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

The PFY Maverick includes the PFY Focus kit in the box. Just like the Moza iFocus, the PFY Focus is a small transmitter & focus kit which can be used on the gimbal or elsewhere unlike the Zhiyun offerings. The unit operates on the 2.4GHz spectrum and has a claimed range of 50 meters. It features a small OLED screen on the handwheel to display the current mode, battery life, focus points A-D and also has a removable glow in the dark marking disk. You can also program set focus moves with the controller. Both the motor & transmitter have built-in batteries and offer 10-hours of run time. You can provide continuous power to the units via the USB port. We couldn’t tell how the controller is mounted but it looks like some sort of rod clamp.

The PFY Focus is also available separately from the PFY Maverick, it retails for $399 but is on special for $299 USD until March 15. As a comparison, the MOZA iFocus, retails for $299 USD. If you become a member ($6 per month or $19 per year), you will receive 10% off all accessories which easily covers the cost of the membership.

Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

What about smartphone control?

There was no information about a companion app to adjust settings or additional features.

What’s included?

– 1 x Follow Focus Transmitter
– 1 x Follow Focus Motor
– 1 x Camera Control Cable (Sony, Canon, Panasonic)
– 1 x Cable Set for power supply
– 1 x Quick Release System
– 1 x Hotshoe 15mm
– 1 x 15mm Carbon Rod
– 1 x Quick Guide

Optional Accessories

As well as the gimbal, you can purchase various accessories including a bag, Pilotfly PFY-Maverick Handheld Gimbal

Pricing & Competitors

At an introductory price of $849, you are saving $150 off the regular retail of $999 until March 4. With little differentiating the gimbal motor performance in this class (Ronin-S, Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab, Moza Air 2), it’s going to come down to the finer details, a companion app, other accessories, and extra versatility that you can gain from the gimbals.

DJI Ronin-S $749 USD, Ronin-S Focus Motor $169 USD

Moza Air 2 – $599 USD

Moza Air 2 w/ iFocus – $799 USD, add controller for $119 USD ($918 USD)

Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab – $899 USD, TransMount Max Servo – $89 USD

Tilta Nucleus-Nano – $229 USD

Check out our review of the Ronin-S, Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab & Moza Air 2 below.

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