CineProtect Optical Clear Acrylic Filters

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December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018

CineProtect Optical Clear Acrylic Filters

CineProtect has released a new optical clear filter that is made from acrylic instead of the traditional optical flats, made from glass.

These filters are mainly used for protecting the lens, especially when used on a tracking vehicle or other environment where the lens could get scratched or damaged. Scratching a filter that costs nowhere near as much as the lens is a much better option than risking the lens.

CineProtect Optical Clear Acrylic Filters

The main difference with the filters from CineProtect is that they are made from acrylic, making them significantly cheaper at only €40 (~$45 USD). Being made from acrylic, they also weigh significantly less, coming in at only 39 grams.

According to CineProtect, the filters are:

  • Anti reflective – Less than 1.6% Reflection
  • Over 98% light transmission
  • Blocks 99% of UV
  • Scratch and shatter resistant
  • Weight: 39g
  • High-tech acrylic material

On the CineProtect website, you can view some comparison shots taken with and without the filter, as well as comparing it to a glass optical clear filter.

CineProtect Optical Clear Acrylic Filters

Look at the 1:1 images on the CineProtect website.

All test images were taken with Panasonic GH5, Metabones SpeedBooster ULTRA 0.71x, Zeiss CP2 25mm T2.1 @ T5.6, 1/40s, W.bal 5200K. Distance approx 2″6′.

Images have been aligned to provide a clean comparison. No other editing, colouring, or sharpening has been applied.

The original TIFF files can be downloaded here.

As a comparison, a Tiffen optical clear costs $229 USD which is approximately 5 times more.

The CineProtect filters are available in 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ for €40 ex. VAT and come in packs of 1, 5 or 10. Buying in 5 or 10 packs, reduces the per unit cost.

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