At the Interbee 2018 present in Japan, IDX was displaying two new batteries- the DUO-C150, and CUE-D300.


New IDX DUO-C150 and CUE-D300 batteries – Interbee 2018

The DUO-C150 would be the third member of the DUO household and joins the DUO-C98 and the DUO-C198. With 143Wh capability, it meets the passenger plane carry-on restrict whereas nonetheless offering sufficient energy to cine-style cameras such because the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED WEAPON.

New IDX DUO-C150 and CUE-D300 batteries – Interbee 2018

Compared to the present DUO-150, the brand new DUO-C150 can now deal with a better load, and it has been upgraded from a single D-Tap port to a D-Tap Advanced (can be utilized as a charging port when used with the VL-DT1 charger). The battery additionally incorporates a 5 LED indicator for extra correct the rest show (in 10% increments), an added V-Torch gentle to be used in darkish environments, and SMBus for offering information within the viewfinder when used with cameras reminiscent of RED.

DUO-C150 will retire the IDX consumer favourite DUO-150 and will probably be accessible in December.


Battery Capacity 143Wh (14.4V/ 9.9Ah)
Max.Output Voltage 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage 14.4V DC
Maximum Discharge Current 14A ‡
D-Tap 80W every
USB DC 5.0V / 2.3A
End Voltage 11V
Battery Protection Reverse cost, Over cost, Over discharge, Over present, Temperature safety
Ambient Temperature To cost: 0°C ~ 40°C (10°C ~ 30°C beneficial)
To discharge: -20°C ~ 45°C (10°C ~ 40°C beneficial)
To retailer: -20°C ~ 50°C (one month)
Dimensions 97(W)x146(H)x59(D)mm
Weight 910 grams approx.


New IDX DUO-C150 and CUE-D300 batteries – Interbee 2018

The CUE-D300 is a 286 Wh giant capability V-mount battery that has been designed for cameras and units which have a excessive energy draw. The battery has one D-Tap with a most 80 W output. It options the identical 5 LED indicator that may be discovered on the DUO-C150.

The CUE-D300 will likely be accessible in January 2019. The retail worth in Japan will likely be 85,000 yen ($750 USD).


Capacity: 286 Wh (14.4V 19.8Ah)
Maximum output: 154W (14A at 11V)
External dimensions / mass: (W) 97 mm × (H) 146 mm × (D) 79 mm / about 160 g
D-Tap output voltage / most energy: battery voltage / 80W
Protection perform: overcharge safety, over-discharge safety, overcurrent safety
Air transport: Since it exceeds 160 Wh, it’s inconceivable to tackle board a passenger plane




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