Rip-Tie RipWrap is a type of merchandise that has been round for the final couple of years, however it appears to have flown properly beneath the radar. At Interbee 2018 in Japan, we caught up with Rip-Tie to have a better have a look at RipWrap.

So what’s RipWrap?

Rip-Tie RipWrap – Interbee 2018

Most of you’ll be aware of Rip-Tie merchandise, however there’s a good likelihood you have got by no means seen RipWrap. RipWrap presents all of the holding energy of gaffer’s tape, however with not one of the gummy residue. It actually does have infinite customers, particularly for filmmakers.

Rip-Tie RipWrap – Interbee 2018

Not solely does it work within the conventional “Hook & Loop” method, ie. It can connect to connect to itself, however it would additionally connect to surfaces similar to carpet. This makes it a really versatile product and I really like how one can merely simply reduce it to size and place it over cables on a carpet so folks gained’t journey over something. Unlike gaffer tape that leaves marks not solely on the carpet but additionally makes your cables all sticky, RipTie is a a lot simpler and cleaner answer. It’s additionally a pleasant answer or attaching cables round gadgets similar to increase poles and light-weight stands.

Rip-Tie RipWrap – Interbee 2018

RipWrap is available in steady or perforated each 3, 6, 9 and 12 inches to accommodate any software. Rip-Tie claims that every piece can be utilized as much as 25 occasions, however I feel that may be a pretty conservative estimate. On the Interbee 2018 showroom ground, the RipWrap we have been testing out was being pulled up and put again down far more than 25 occasions simply within the time we have been there.

RipWrap is available in 7 totally different colours, orange, purple, yellow, blue, inexperienced, black, and purple. It additionally is available in widths of half of″, 1″ and a couple of″, all in 30′ lengths. Prices begin at $5.95 USD


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